I forgot. 

I forgot what it felt like. 

How easy it was

It isn’t heavy

In the middle of the floor 

In an empty room

You can’t miss it

But I forgot

Just how easy it felt

To allow myself to love you

Every flaw 

Every mistake 

Every lie

Or earthquake

You caused by world to 

Blacken and fold

I forgot how easy it was

How it flowed 

Rather lite or bold 

It glows and 

It can’t help but show

I painted a picture 

Of someone else 

With your paint 

I loved it 

It wasn’t you

It wasn’t familiar but I loved it

Or was it you paint 

That I loved so much. 

I attached myself to it

This foreign painting

Of someone else

With your painted and 

I loved it

With Every time 

I built invisible walls

I acted as if it wasn’t mines

But it was 

And I love it

With everything in me

This painting of someone else

With your paint. 

I love it as if it was you 

Because I missed you 

But I forgot what it felt like

How easy it was

That it wasn’t heavy 

But in the middle of my floor 

So no one could miss it 

Or forget how easy it was

To love you. 


One response to “I forgot. ”

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