New Year, New ?

Today is the first day of a new year. The first of new beginning’s to some and just the beginning of January for others. With all the hype around the traditional “new year, new me,” everyone is filled with excitement and hope for things to come. The air is filled with anticipation, joy and love; that we all know. Nevertheless, it mostly elevated by an annual high everyone gets from a second chance. A sense of even though I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted or that lesson I didn’t quit learn, I have a second chance to do it right this time.
It’s not a pointless high, it’s healthy. It’s encouraging, uplifting, and motivation to accomplish what you couldn’t quite for fill the year before. I’m encouraging everyone to ride that high for the next 21 days because that usually the amount of time need to create a habit. Start new projects, healthy habits, and leave negativity in 2015. Even though things will be hard, continue to strive beyond the fears and criticism. Some will say it is just another day or the date doesn’t change anything but this is definitely the best time to try. No one knows what 2015 brought or took away from your life but you do. So this journey is solely about you. God had allowed you to get here so there is a purpose. Believe and make that purpose positive.
This year I want to get healthier, work harder and uplift my life spiritually. This is my new start, and I claim that. Ways to keep this going create a daily vow to repeat or a small prayer. Plant this small seed of positivity into your daily routine and it’s bound to grow. I hope this inspires anyone who is reading this to do the same. God Bless and Happy 2016 to everyone!!

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