Lets Be Honest: Trial and Error

As young adults, 18 to 25, we go through a trial and error stage of life. We live frivously while dating, partying, gaining and losing friends. We make drastic descisoin such as getting permanate tattoos we dont expect to regret, but most of us will. These are trying times. Trying as in experimenting, failing and then choosing a different route; or succeeding and still choosing the less apposing choice.

So lets be honest, these pressuring 7 years of your life shouldn’t define your future. of course, some will find their calling, get married, have children and live a life completly opposite of the fairy tales we were force fed as children. Eventhough this is not expected, some of us want. Some of us will spend these years dating the wrong people, changing majors, and working towards goals that were never originally ours. Then aquiring a degree you want happily work a day of your life in.

This is life. The part no one test preped us for but it is most important and inevitable. Forming plans at 18 years old, fresh from the womb of high school hallways, that the 22 year-old in the near future will not reconize or relate to. This is the trial, soon followed by the countless errors to correct the puzzle we werent given a completed picture of. Accept the cards you are delt and play your hand like it’s your last. Fearlessly strive toward every goal beyond every failure because there will be plenty. No one is sure but we all are human. Love when you can and let go when its required. Most importantly, don’t stand in your own way. Life is defined by and depends upon trial and error. Who we are and who we will become lie along the way


2 responses to “Lets Be Honest: Trial and Error”

  1. Absolutely…but there are many more junctions ahead in life, I believe. Have a good day!

    1. Diamond The Journalist Avatar
      Diamond The Journalist

      Agreed but the idea of the piece is centralized around those particular 7 years, though. Thanks for your feedback!!

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