Spiritual Fasting : for beginners

Fasting, from my knowledge, was about sacrifice, spiritual enlightenment and cleansing.

A sentence that should stand alone being but an understatement. Starting and successfully withholding in a fast is life changing which I’ve intensely learned over the past 16 days. I began the Daniel fast on January 5th, which is should only include eating of vegetables and drinking water. As a beginner I decided, along with my roommate Jessica, to alter the fast just a little. We decided to remove meats, dairy and only drinking water for 21 days. Now, being an active carnivore for 22 years I did not recognize or fathom the major role dairy and meat played in my daily diet.

The first 7 days were the hardest of the journey. First, the body has to rid of all the toxic waste and substances. The headaches and craving follow. Not knowing what to eat just yet was my biggest battle. Soon after there I had multiple meals of stir fry and fruit bowls.

The next 7 days aren’t as challenging. The detox side effects subside and now only the hunger for what you can’t have remains. These were the testing times and include much prayer. I found myself praying without cease. Randomly talking to God about my desires and temptations.  My mind was clear and my clothes fit better. There was no bloating or fatigue after meals.

Now on day 16 of no dairy and meat I feel amazing. God has been working during these last two weeks. My prospective of life and my choice are more clear. This has been one of the most trying and beneficial times of my life. Fasting is essentially about the sacrifice but I never imaged about sacrificial gains. I still have desire to eat meat and dairy but it no longer is a struggle. I have adapted to the things I am to eating . With only 5 days left, I encourage others to take upon a fast. It doesn’t have to be 21 day or food, but it should be something you hold value in. Make the sacrifices for your own reason but whole heartily look to God for guidance and you want go wrong.


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