Standing On God’s Promises

standing-on-the-promises_t_nvGod gives and he takes away. In the season of taking, understanding the will of God is impossible. Things happen in such a way; this human mind could never fathom or perceive the ultimate plan. Serving a God that is loving, forgiving and powerful beyond our own understanding is a reward of its own. These earthly eyes sometimes linger upon the unanswered question rather than the magnificence of God and his promises within his word. Nothing he does is out of order or in vain. Some of the biggest losses free us from the toughest weeds in life. The unseen chains we’ve grown to love. God understands his children strength and weaknesses. Nothing more than we can bear is what he promised. His word has never gone in vain. Among the losses, we must remember and focus our eyes toward the promise.
The promises will be fulfilled in the mist of peace being restored and understanding gained.

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