Bucket List: Should the deadline ultimately be death?

At 22 years old, my perspective of who I am is completely different from when I was 18 years old. Not only has my perspective changed, but, also, my interest, likes, goals, dream job and the direction of my life and destination. The definition of a bucket list has finally given a uniform definition to things an individual want to do before they die. Rather traveling to a foreign land or doing something selfless or majestic, every year of your life you either add things and ideas to this projected list, or you remove due to unexpected circumstances.
Either way, creating a list at 22 to and establishing a deadline of the day you die is extremely unrealistic. God forbid, but who’s to say at 22 years old you will have a long lived amount of time. These days, life is short. Individual will have less and fewer opportunities to see the world or experience something majestic. Establishing a bucket list before you kick the bucket is cheating the hand you are felt. In blackjack, you wouldn’t continuously hit your hand when starting with 12. A king could be right around the corner, sending you into a bust. So don’t cheat this limited life by continuously hitting the snooze button.

Develop a yearly, 3 year or 5-year bucket list. Life is unpredictable and time is limited. Don’t wait until your last days to enjoy your day. Start now!! So many people wait until the weekend to relax or a holiday to reach out to the family. Seize the day starting at sunrise before you get caught by sunset. There may be another country you would like to explore or a moment you would like to visit. That adventure will always be available to embark upon but you won’t always be here to conquer it.

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