How to start winning in your life in 30 days?

Whether reading how to books, watching YouTube inspirational videos or embarking on a walk of peace; changing your own life isn’t as easy as most people claim it to be. They so kindly do not tell you there are countless habits you have to break, thinking positive is 75 percent of the work and actually remaining dedicated is an entirely separate process in itself.

When I thought of self-control, I ignorantly assumed it was a control totally governed by self. Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s a tug of war battle with outside temptations I never knew held so much power over my decisions, dedication, and desires.

From social media, friends, commercials, tastes buds to significant others, all the choices we make in life are attributed to outside sources.

So, how can you change your life in 30 days? According to Kelsey Aida, 30 days of positive affirmations CAN start the process of changing your life, building self-love and confidence. Her slogan “Own your power. Win at life” solidifies the process in itself. We as individuals are governed by the power to do.

As of day 5, I can say I have experienced a more positive perspective of daily struggle and enigmas within everyday life. Many outside sources hold power in my life and decision making. Will this challenge change my life, I’m not yet convinced, but it has allowed me to constantly remind myself the glass can be half full just as well as half empty.

The first “15 days of the challenge will focus on creating inner peace and the last 15 are for cultivating more confidence and self-love.” I look forward to changing my mind for remaining 25 days as well as my self-love and confidence within my day to day life.

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