Who Knew: 24, Boujie and Broke

Life as I know it today has become a day to day trial and error study. As an early 90s baby, mid-twenties independent broke in debt college graduate, I’m sure my past expectations of how my life today would be are very different. Inordinately more financially secure, newly married or on my way, one a half kids, and a flourishing career, etc. The images of who I expected to be and who I currently am would be torn from two completely different coloring books.

Nevertheless, as a 24-year-old self-employed Blogger/Photographer/Hustler, I can say that life has reached an unmatched falter. Yes, I have been broke and unsure before. Each time, such as this, I still had an endless area of opportunity to change my stars and GET RICH OR DIE TRYING. But this one seems a little more real. A little more serious. As a writer and a realist, I’ve always possessed this inability to fake it. If I feel it, experienced or done it, somebody knows it or I’m not ashamed to tell the detailed story. Shame isn’t my first reaction when doing or experimenting with the status quo taboo, but this situation has me quiet as a mouse.

Who knew, at 24-years-old, I’d be completely broke. Well, I do have about 15 dollars in my bank account, 30 in savings, a car, and an apartment (while supplies last) but you know the itch I’m trying to scratch. So I’m not at a means to an end just yet.

Back to the point, I started this journey of faith a few years ago and look where I landed. Almost rock bottom but the opportunities are still just the same. Am I comfortable? Hell no! Do I need a job? Hell yea! Hiring?? But God is still able. I’m not writing this for pity, mostly mental therapy but maybe a few awkward laughs too. Life is all about learning from the wild experiences. Trusting God and living by faith. Work too, God wants you to work too, sis. Someone needed this realization as much as I did.

When I started my voyage back to college in 2014, I had only the clothes on my back, (and my 5 bags of luggage) and the promise that God would continuously lead me. Not very different from where I am today. God was faithful then and I know he is the same in this season.

Meditating Scripture:

“Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.” 1 Thessalonians 5:24

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