The. Words. Never. Left.

Charles Bukowski, a German-American poet, novelist, and short story writer, once said that true writers just write. The words just come. They sit down. Touch the sleek keyboard or pick up their favorite pen and the words just come. They flow out so soothingly. Like therapy as each word graces the pages.

Whether during sleep, work, sex, and any other elevating activity of life, the words come. True writers cannot run from it. The words are just here. They paint the four walls of your home or ride along the rhythms of the music you listen to. They are created with every step you grace mother earth with and they climb each and every sexual climax you erupt. Every tear that waters the passion within your soul and every smile that releases the light you shine. You cannot run from the truth. The words will come. They never left. Set them free. Write writer.

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