2018: 5 Ways to Start Living Your Best Life

Its the start of a new year. A new beginning. Some may say a clean slate or a chance to start anew with all of your personal or professional endeavors. Whichever the phrase   fits best, it all correlates to the freshness of starting a new calendar year. January has become the designated cleanup month. Leaving old things behind, adding new things and people to the mix and beginning a new chapter in life.

In 2018, many are calling this time around the sun their start of living their best life. Whether 25, 37 or 50, no age is excluded; it’s time to illuminate these earthly vessels with abundant light and while being positives, creating and claiming our best selves.

I have put together a list of 5 mental choices to build and start living your best life. These 5 five choices will assist you in creating the best path ahead. While using all the wisdom you have acquired before 2018, these 5 steps will carry you to the next level of prosperity during your earthly existence. Also, sculpting your perspective of life and self-happiness in the years to come.

1. Focus on Your Focus – In previous years, most of us have become aware of what our purpose is on this earth. We have weeded through the haystack to find the needle that is the key to what we wish to focus on. To live your best life this year, focus in on that focus. We’re only given one life and a few opportunities to change our world and our space with our God given purpose. Its so detrimental to focus on that gift, because that is your superpower.
2. Positive Energy – This year is essential to injecting an abundance of positive energy into the universe. It has been said that what you put out, you will receive back. So, it is detrimental that you be aware of the type of energy you are putting out. With that awareness, you can find ways to keep your energy positive or shift your energy if it is off. Sometimes it is not others who are the problem, but us. So to live your best life this year, approaching the year with nothing put positive energy and remaining positive.
3. Keep Whats Best for You- This year, self is what’s most important. Not in a shallow all about me type of ways, but its so important to be aware of what is best for you in 2018. Whether if it’s eating better,  new people, places, activities, professional endeavors, etc; you have to decipher what is best for you. Don’t be afraid to remove people, change up your eating habits or stop living up to the standard of what people are excepting of you. If it doesn’t contribute positively to your best life, it doesn’t deserve any of your energy in the new year.
4. Build up the People Around You- The individuals around you are a reflection of who you are. While living your best life, it is essential that you educated those around you on how to do the same. We get tied up in the history and relationships we have with our friends, significant others, and family; forgetting it is always important to reassure how important each individual is. Transparency is so important when uplifting and communicating with those around you. How can you become your best self and improve when you’re not taking your loved ones along for the ride?
5. Gaining Experiences- In 2018 living your best life could not be complete without getting some new experiences under your belt. Whether is planning a big trip, taking a few road trips with friends or solo, trying out new restaurants and local activities or just getting outside of your comfort zone, take the leap this year. You will so appreciate broadening your horizons and have the memories to look back on. Life shouldn’t be spent on the coach. Get up, get out and live your best life in 2018.



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