Temporary Forevers

Everyday we meet an expected end

Trained from childhood

The sun and moon have set the tone for many milestones we must begin

And encounter their ends

Each new season, relationship, job or connection

Will soon be severed

The countless moments and treasures

No matter the height, weather or connection

We cannot freeze time

That space in which we experience priceless

And unforgettable seconds

Reach climaxes that leave us breathless

Heartaches causing us to be restless

We can never have that one moment again

Whether we’re talking about how you sin

Or bringing praises to the most high

We were never destined to keep temporary forevers

We have just one opportunity and talent to make the world better

Whether that’s a baby or a street or a country

How ever you measure the world, your world

One street, one friends, one family. One moment

One destiny one me

Didn’t I say everyday we meet an expected end

They say the sun has forever loved the moon but one day even their cycle will end

You had one once

To experience whatever you thought it could be

Unfortunately, from my horizon

The sun has set

Bringing an end to a forever, you know the ones that are temporary

-Diamond the Writer

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