Day 1: Changing My Own Life

There are countless get rich schemes, and quick weight loss guru drinks being advertised day by day. Everyone wants to find the fast lane to success and changing their life. I know personally, that anything that comes fast will not last. Whether if its money, success, weight loss, love or fame, and fortune; anything gave will not be valued. You’ll most likely lose it as quickly as you acquired it.
Today I start my journey towards changing my own life. The choice was not planned. I didn’t prep over the week and set a significant date. I simply had an “aha” moment the night before. As I laid down to go to sleep, I said to myself tomorrow ‘when I get up my new life starts.’ I set an alarm, which I didn’t hear the next morning. I woke up outside of my anticipated schedule. Nevertheless, I did it anyway. MY MIND WAS SET.

Aside from getting up early and making monumental decisions once my feet hit the floor, I also avoided television, social media and music. I focused my mind on intentional decision to stay engaged with motivational influencers ALL DAY LONG. Whether motivational speeches, learning how the rich stay rich, doing research about how important productive mornings are beneficial to the work day and, hitting the gym; I only allowed positive game-changing information into my mind.
Today’s humans waste so much time on social media, engaging in meaningless relationships and situations, making list we never complete or just saying I’ll do it tomorrow. Majority of us are simply wasting the most time getting ready to be productive, rather than actually being productive.
By isolating my mind, I remained focused and did not allow valuable time to fall to the waste side. It also required me to be realistic with myself. I have wasted so much time getting prepared, trying to figure every detail out and preparing for an unknown destination. Without any progressing to a single major goal. Yes, I have been productively busy, but what about progress? I have been running in place, just to say I’m running. That realization brought me to tears.
I cried. For many different reasons. Ranging from thankfulness and disappointment, I allowed my heart to shed. I was pumping so much motivation into myself, it allows my shadow self, which was filled with of doubt in my dreams and fear of being successful to come to the surface. YES, fears of success. I’ve always known I am exceptional. I’ve always sensed my difference from everyone else, but when it was time to really shine my light I always shrunk.

So here I am, being honest with myself. Starting something new, AGAIN! But this time with the destination and intentions to finish. Not just for 21 days, but the rest of my life. My goal is to change my perception of myself and develop my NEED to accomplish every goal. Then create bigger ones. To live full and die empty.

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