Day 5: Believe and It Is So

So it’s day five. I have made the gym every morning over the last few days. Some days a little later than expected but still giving one hundred percent. I have greeted every new day with love, joy, and appreciation. I have had thoughts of things I need to find, get information about and do. Once I lock in the mental desire, the manifestation of whatever I need comes to me. God is continuously showing himself in my life.
The second and third days were really difficult. The bed was hard to let go of. Whenever I felt the urge to talk myself out of what I had already set my mind to do, I ask myself, “If not now, when?” That gives me the energy surge I need to stick to my goals.
Within-day three, it was revealed to me, when I ask for something and greeted the time I needed to wait for God’s response with patience. He showed up clear as day. I really thank God for covering me. Changing negative and self-destructive habits is tough but it’s worth getting done. I faced some fears. I realized that getting involved in negative situations and making decisions I know are wrong is also a decision. If I really want to see change and be changed, I must first be the change.
Day four and five have been much easier. So far I have been listening to many motivational speeches, mostly by Les Brown. His energy and beliefs in himself are so inspiring. I feel like I am radiating. Now, when my friends and family want to talk, I am overflowing with positive advice and encouragement. Also, I’m sending everyone to God’s steps while I pull up in the driveway myself.
This is only the beginning, but I know this is only a crumb of the transformation that must take place within me and around me. God is doing amazing things, and I’m just making sure I’m included.
I want to leave this entry with a word of encouragement, trust God. Trust the small voice, the Holy Spirit, that is tugging at your mind, heart and sometimes entire body to listen and follow. I have been surrendering to what God asks of me and he has confirmed himself 10 fold. Go to God with every concern and he will reveal what is needed to ensure he can be trusted and you and the desires of your heart are covered.

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