Saying No to Them is a Yes to Yourself

I really appreciate God for always casting his safety net around us when we’re about to commit to blind decisions. Whether blinded by personal circumstances, our emotions or misleading information, he’s always there to push us back a few steps to avoid toxic mistakes.

I have participated in my fair share of emotional commitments I’ve entangled myself within and then paying for them soon after. Whether thinking this person would never turn on me or re-nigh on our verbal promises. I have been shown that most people have unbreakable loyalty to THEMSELVES! So, once things come to a head and they’re back is against the wall, they’re going to choose themselves over you. No matter if you’ve chosen the time and time again over yourself. Your sacrifices hold no value.

I personally have committed to being a step-parent, getting an apartment, being available to help when needed and even leaning money without a return on the strength of just being a good person. All at the expense of falling in love or whatever I thought it was. I’ve been willing to give my all and go out on a whim to help others. I’ve taken losses while believing I will be blessed for being so generous. Despite God always coming through when I am in need, I have learned the hard way saying no hurts me more now but will protect me later.

The stinging pain of betrayal is the best teacher to always be loyal to yourself. Do what’s best for you, regardless of love. Emotions are so fleeting. Until the loyalty of your romantic partner has been tested, they possibly don’t feel the same about you.

So stop signing up to be a superhero for others, and no one is there to save you. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done for the hopeless romantics. Individuals who are willing to help when they can and be that go-to person. You’re setting yourself up to be possibly taken advantage of.

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