Reclaim Your Time, sis

As women, we tend to fall into patterns. Whether it be how we show up to day to day life, communicate within our relationships or take care of ourselves. We tend to gravitate to familiar patterns. When we are uncomfortable, we bring awareness ( or nag as men would say) about the causes of our discomfort. That too can become a pattern.

We grow accustomed to correcting or guiding our significant others due to our expectation of how things should go. Sometimes even our anticipation of their next mistake. Most of the time we are right, the mistake is coming. Even though we typically don’t mean any harm, maybe our approach to solving the issue is completely wrong.

No one wants to be constantly corrected or told they are wrong. The best remedy to a mistake or discomfort is changed behavior. So rather than directing your significant other in how to change their behavior, women should remove themselves from the line of fire.

Completely redirect your involvement with the situation that’s causing your mental, emotional and sometimes even physical pain. We must change our perspective and involvement before even speaking in certain situations.

Men are best taught by example anyways. I know we all can relate to continuously telling a man how his actions wronged us, where it happened, who was involved and why we’re even bringing it up. Regardless of how you approach explaining your dissatisfaction to a man, he only will receive the solution from his perspective. His actions are only going to change within the comfort of how much HE desires to change or satisfy you. Most of the time that’s not much at all.

Ladies let’s stop repeating ourselves, and find more positive ways to get your point across. Put your energy into something else. In no way am I advising retaliation or getting revenge but just redirect. Reclaim your time, energy, attention and love. Pour yourself into you and other people and things that are getting a better return for your time.


Hobbies such as reading, getting outside, meditation, learning something new or even taking a trip are great ways to redirect your focus. Attachment is a real thing. Trying to convince someone of your value or purpose is there lives is such a tremendous loss. Especially when that time could have been redirected to something positive, someone else or even yourself.


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