Turning the page! Girl +God

It’s no secret that God has always stood with me, even if I was not standing with him. The circumstances of my life are witness to the undeniable favor and grace God has unconditionally bestowed upon my life. I have not made the best decisions or had the best intentions, but God has used each of those paths to work for my good.

I am more aware of how great God has been to me as I get older and look back over my life. From the places I have found myself lost to the many friendships and personal relationships I have surrendered all trust and will to, God never took his hand off of me. Season of depression where He had to carry me to seasons of triumph He ran along beside me.

I am saddened sometimes by my blindness to God being the wind beneath my broken wings and the captain to my ship of uncertain sails. Nevertheless, he still waits with open arms to take me to the destiny He hand-picked for me at birth. To fulfill the will within the land of the living, He predestined over my life.

I turn a page this new year, 2022, to faithfully walk with God. Expectantly knowing some days sooner or later he will yet again have to carry me, He will run with me, walk with me and even stand. I vow to start this year engulfed in his presence as I continuously seek his face. Take this walk with me.

DiamondTakesLife + God

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