Why is being a mom beautiful, again?

Today, I am up super early! Despise going to sleep at 12 something a.m., due to my younger twin’s refusal to get some rest. Unfortunately, he was back up around five-something. Eager […]

Turning the page! Girl +God

It’s no secret that God has always stood with me, even if I was not standing with him. The circumstances of my life are witness to the undeniable favor and […]

Reclaim Your Time, sis

As women, we tend to fall into patterns. Whether it be how we show up to day to day life, communicate within our relationships or take care of ourselves. We […]

Saying No to Them is a Yes to Yourself

I really appreciate God for always casting his safety net around us when we’re about to commit to blind decisions. Whether blinded by personal circumstances, our emotions or misleading information, […]

This Love Shit is a Motherfucker, Right?

Setting here thinking, I realize that everyone is somewhere on the healing spectrum. Whether going in, finding their way or coming out, we’re all figuring this thing out. You know, […]


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